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Dear Members,

Covid 19 has had a great impact in the way we function at work and at play. It has definitely not been “business as usual”. Due to the ongoing pandemic, organizations have had to find new and innovative ways of doing things.
The impact of the Covid 19 has placed us in a precarious position as an organization. In view of the fact that we were all affected in different ways by this pandemic, the Executive held an on-line meeting on the 18 August 2020 and came up with the following resolutions:

Annual Membership Fee
It was decided that as the organization we have ethical responsibility towards our members, therefore those members who have not paid their annual membership fee in 2020 will be granted amnesty for 2020 and no punitive measures will be implemented this year. However, those members who are able to pay are encouraged to do so. We also wish to thank those members who had managed to make payment during these trying times.

Conference 2020
It is very clear that this year’s conference cannot go ahead and this is first CAMPROSA conference ever to be postponed and will now be held in 2021(The date will be announced). The Executive Team has decided to host a series of Webinars which members are encouraged to attend. Dates will be announced via the Cluster Chairs.

Meet and Greet
The Cluster Chairs will soon be organizing “meet and greet” events with their clusters and all members are urged to attend as there will be crucial issues that need to be discussed.
The Executive team will continue to lead CAMPROSA through these difficult times, where will come out stronger and together as an organization.

Issued by:
Prudence Ndlovu
Secretary General

EXCO Feedback on Conference 2022

Date to be confirmed between 15 Sept and 15 Oct 2022.

Venue not yet confirmed, but we are targeting the Kruger National Park..

Website will soon be open for Registration and sponsorship opportunities.

Watch this space!


CAMPROSA represented at SAPS YOUTH COMMITTEE INDABA in DURBAN 23 - 25 June 2022

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